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Dresden, Kreischaer Strasse

Old, Older, Medieval

This development on Wasaplatz was a historic Vierseithof (four-sided courtyard farm) on the edge of the village of Altstrehlen. In the 19th century it was simply a sleepy village centre. Today it is a transport intersection full of action. The building structure itself proved to be like the layers of an archaeological excavation. The spectrum ranged from medieval cellar vaults and mixed masonry to concrete roof trusses and 1980s ornamentation from the GDR’s state owned company VEB Elbenaturstein from the city of Pirna. Thus every part of the building and every storey presented different technical challenges throughout the redevelopment.

For the People

Retaining the old, established businesses was one of our aims. We were able to keep Mrs Blasche’s little hat shop, along with the print shop and the dry cleaners. With the wine shop Keth am Wasaplatz (they are considered to be the best vintner at Dresden’s famous Christmas market) we feel that we have secured a new attraction for Strehlen which we are extremely proud of.

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