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Some buildings suffer the same fate as Sleeping Beauty and fall into a long, deep slumber. Overcoming the hedge of thorns and waking the bride with a kiss is our daily bread.

In the process it scratches and stings in different places each day: Today maybe a rotten wooden beam ceiling, tomorrow might be a stubborn local authority, and the day after that a bank assessor who has difficulties understanding our development concept.

However, after many months of intense and sometimes arduous work, the path through the hedge is finally clear.

Heritage Buildings – 21st Century Living

Previous eras have left us many beautiful buildings, built in the manner of the day using local materials with even older techniques, designed with an individual style.

However, we live and think differently today. Bathrooms are little wellness areas, the kitchen has become the family meeting point and old industrial buildings are sought after as trendy office lofts and so many other requirements have changed.

Therefore, we try as hard as possible to place ourselves in the role of the future user. What light does the young architect need in order to draw their designs? How big does the kitchen of the sprightly pensioner need to be? How much space can the single mother afford?

We love resolving this tension between a building’s historical usage and the property’s previous history and the wishes of the here and now even when it sometimes can create more issues for us to deal with. 

The Boring Stuff

The RICHERT GROUP is the umbrella brand for a number of companies from the real estate sector. Our three offices in Berlin, Dresden and Oschatz currently manage more than 50 buildings from our own holdings from semi-detached houses, office and business premises to the historic listed shipyard Werft Laubegast.

Founded in 2011, the RICHERT GROUP draws on the many years of experience of its founder Rico Richert. In the 1990s he built one of the most successful real estate agencies in Dresden, which he subsequently sold, and since then has been active as a successful cross-regional investor and portfolio holder in the German real estate market.

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