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Berlin, Schlegelstraße

NoTo – a neighbourhood takes off 

For a long time, the northern Torstraße (NoTo) was under the radar and lay in the shadow of its southern counterpart. However, it is precisely the eccentric charm of this area that exemplifies the Berlin myth known throughout the world. Today the spectrum of this neighbourhood ranges from the 24 hour raucous urbaneness on Rosenthaler Platz to the peaceful idyll of a café on Eichendorffstraße.

There was little to be seen of this in 2012 when we started the redevelopment of the vacant property at Schlegelstraße. The sale of the apartments proved more complicated than we originally thought however we successfully completed both in 2018.

Guinness Book of Rot

The main reason for the six year completion of this development was to do with the dry rot in the building which would probably have made it into the Guinness Book of Records. The building costs also rose as a result to astronomical levels. We are especially proud of the unusual penthouse construction.

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